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The nonprofit organization « Historical Military Remember Association » was born from two distinct perspectives: the one of collecting and restoring military artifacts and the one of historical reenactment. In 2009, some friends passionate about history decided to join together to create an association aiming at two major missions:

– World War II military historical reenactment,
– Restoration of military vehicles of WWII era of various origins.


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Immersive event with the group « 2nd Armored in Europe »

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  •  recommendations given to the HMRA in recognition for its rigor and quality work
  • press artciles and press videos related to the HMRA activities

Our Work

Please, we invite you to visit our Facebook page and more precisely the pictures of our past events and reenactment. You will also find some information and photos of our new section Rallies (and restorations).

Our Vehicle Side

The HMRA is not only a reenactor group. We also organise high quality events for vehicles enthousiats. The aim is to regroup the best of WW2 german vehicles.

Phone : 0032476/44.60.80

Namur, Belgique